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About Davis & Dean

Welcome To Integrated Education Group Davis & Dean Skills Institute

Davis & Dean started as an international Rapid Skills Development company established in 1989 by George Davis and Neil Hymas and has trained more than 1500,000 people world-wide. Davis & Dean was established as a South African operation in 1999 by Louis Botha. Since 2018, Davis & Dean formed the company Integrated Education Group Davis & Dean with the focus on the empowerment of unemployed Youth through applicable skills training as well as workplace skills training as well as workplace skills development for employees in all organizations. 

We are SAQA Accredited and Registered with SERVICES SETA, Reg No. 13499 .

IEG DAVIS & DEAN and their stakeholders are:

Innovative and flexible delivery of knowledge and skills transferred to people as well as soft skills:

Why affiliate with Davis & Dean as a Organization

- We provide professional services nationally
- We have a proven track record in the delivery of SETA funded projects nationally.
- We provide turnkey B-BBEE solutions and are at the forefront of B-BBEE Consulting.
- We are well qualified and industry experts.
- We are accredited with various regulatory bodies ensuring our solutions are aligned and relevant.
- We are innovative and apply the most advance technology in delivery of our service.

Why affiliate with Davis & Dean as a Community

- Job Creation
- Poverty Alleviation
- Local Economical Development
- Youth Development Initiative

In Partnership with:

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