B-BBEE Consulting

Clarification of the latest B-BBEE codes, specifically in context of the client’s business / sector

Analysis of previous (or current) B-BBEE score to determine where points have been lost and compared to an analysis of the desired B-BBEE level.

Based on our analysis Davis&Dean prepares a proposal with alternatives outlining required action and investment to attain the desired B-BBEE score.

Davis&Dean then facilitates the implementation and management of the B-BBEE strategy in conjunction with allocated resources. This is achieved by collection and analysis of financial information on a quarterly basis to measure progress against B-BBEE targets.

Where required, recommendations are made, per B-BBEE element, to ensure that targets are met in terms of achieving the desired B-BBEE level.

Collection and collation of all required documents throughout the financial period under review in preparation of the B-BBEE verification process.

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