The Leadership in High-Performance Teams will let you take control.

Our Leadership in High Performing Teams course will allow you to liberate the leader within yourself. Learn to understand who you are, what your personal values and needs are. People will then choose to follow you. You can start your journey by taking this leadership program from Davis&Dean. 

Everybody has a preference for a specific type of leader. Leaders have differing visions, styles, attitudes, and personalities. Your choice of leader is made based on your own personal values and needs. Individuals follow leaders who are consistent and most who are comfortable in their own skin. These are people who know themselves and are true to self.

The Davis&Dean Leadership in High-Performance Teams (course code: LPT) is a facilitated skills program that combines Kouzes and Posner’ leadership practices with Larson and La Fasto’ team dimensions in a computer-based “Workplace Simulation.”  It is an intense program that requires the delegate to complete self-assessments that results in a self and -team development plans.

Delegates are then given a business improvement project and are required to work in teams to practice their leadership and teamwork skills until they are applied with confidence. Davis&Dean believes that both leadership and teamwork are learnable skills that can improve over time with correct practice, measurement and constructive feedback.

Skills Training in Leadership and Teamwork

The Davis & Dean Leadership in High Performance Teams is a skills program that takes advantage of a computer-based “Workplace Simulation.”

  • Team Formation
  • Practice Leadership Skills
  • Practice Teamwork Skills
  • Monitor and Control Leadership and Teamwork Intervention
  • Integrate Leadership and Teamwork
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