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Most organisations or companies start with someone that has  a vision and a passion for something and who feels a burning desire to make a difference. Usually, when starting small the organisational system is in balance with its ability for supply to meet demand while maintaining good quality service/product. In the growth phase, most organisations become operationally challenged. Sure signs of this is when crisis management is at the order of the day with management running from dousing one fire to the next.

The Managing by project simulation mp3 course provides skills to manage operations and provide experience on how to be and stay on top of projects. Need some advice, contact us today.

Overview of the Managing By Project Programme

Compressed Experience Managing By Project (MP3) Workshop is an intense seminar in which 16 weeks experience is telescoped into 3 days.

Instead of paying good money to learn the Fundamentals of project management; why not rather attend a computer-based “Workplace Simulation”?

This computer-based “Workplace Simulations” includes work-book theory (covering the project life-cycle from start to finish) and is geared towards Intermediate Project Managers. The facilitator’s objective is to create a safe environment within which calculated risks are encouraged, allowing learners to learn from their mistakes without fear of punishment/retribution. This safe learning environment results in the integration of knowledge and skills during this process as well as embedding the knowledge gained. The knowledge gained is not measured in the final outcome of the project (success or failure) but rather by what is learned by being able to make mistakes in a safe environment

In teams of four, learners use the Managing Projects “flight simulator” to plan, schedule, and control a Site Security project. Each team starts by drawing up complete plans for the project, including a work breakdown structure, bar chart, network diagram, detailed human resources plan, contingency plan, and budget.

Decisions are then entered into the team‘s computer for one week. The effects of decisions are seen immediately and feedback is provided through a complete set of management reports.


After a review of the week‘s performance, and comparison of results with their plan, the team proceeds with decisions for the next week, continuing week by week through 16 weeks.

The team makes regular progress reports to the whole class.

Managing By Project (MBP) workshop is not a video game. It is a computer-based “Workplace Simulations” of actual management processes, programmed in artificial intelligence affording participants a complete and realistic experience.

The project unfolds differently for each team, depending upon the decisions they make and upon random unplanned events.

Success in the workshop, as on the job, is gained by applying good management principles, a consistent management style, and an integrated strategy.

At the end of three days, participants will have had a successful experience applying the principles of project management. Most importantly, they will be fully prepared to apply what they have learned immediately to their jobs.

Managing By Project (MP3) Workshop Outcomes

Teamwork and development

Project Fundamentals

Project Charter, Work Breakdown Structure, Network Diagram, Bar Chart

Project Strategy

Configuration Management

Stakeholder Plan

Communication Plan

Human Resource Plan

Cost Management Plan and Budget

Leadership and Management

Risk Management

Contingency Planning

Performance Management

Work all Project Scenario plans on computer-based Workplace Simulation.

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