Project Management

SAQA ID 121905000
NQF level 5
Credits 240

Topic Description
1 Introduction to project management
2 Project integration management
3 Project scope management
4 Project time management
5 Project cost management
6 Project quality management
7 Project human resources management
8 Project communication management
9 Project risk management
10 Project procurement management
11 Project stakeholder management
Practical Component
Topic Description
1 Initiate a project
2 Plan and develop a project management approach and scope
3 Plan and develop a project time line and schedule
4 Plan for and cost a project
5 Plan project management systems
6 Monitor and control the scope of a project
7 Control the project delivery schedules and costs
8 Control the project quality
9 Management and control the human resources of a project
10 Conduct and control project communication and stakeholder interaction
11 Manage and control project risks
12 Manage and control procurement activities
13 Manage and control project close-out activities
Workplace Component
Topic Description
1 Attend to project initiation processes
2 Attend to project planning processes
3 Attend to project execution and control processes
4 Attend to project close-out processes
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