We assist companies to implement the Skills Development in their respective businesses by acting as Skill Development Facilitators (SDF). Our function will then be to make sure companies comply with SETA regulations in order to be eligible for claiming back for grants. As an SDF, our services will then include: Assisting companies to claim mandatory grants, compilation and submission of Annual Training Reports, Assisting lodging of claims; Development, Implementation and Submission of Workplace Skills Plans.


We strive to provide tailor made solutions that, when integrated, will improve your scorecard. Davis&Dean assists clients identify their B-BBEE opportunities and assist you as a client to reap the benefits of being BEE compliant through preferential procurement. Our solutions are outcomes based and on par with latest legislative guidelines.


Strategic Planning, Development & Implementation
Rapid Skills Development
Payroll Service
Business Proposals
Value Assessment
Strategic Partnership
Disability Management
Labour Activation Initiatives
ETI Solutions


Legislation is challenging for businesses to be compliant in all areas without assistance and we have instituted an Employment Equity desk to assist our clients with the Employment Equity Act compliance. We make it our business to keep abreast of all changes and  developments within the Department of Labour Employment Equity framework.

Disability Management

  • Davis&Dean has a dedicated recruitment division that focuses on talent sourcing recruitment, and management of disabled candidates in your workplace.
  • Disability Management team runs seminars & workshops to sensitize employees.
  • We can offer advice in creating employee assistance programmes for various disabilities assessments.
  • Accessibility audit and site analysis.

Payroll Services

Davis&Dean has developed in-house capability to manage payroll services for learners participating in unfunded and funded learnerships. This includes:
  • Learnership Payrolls
  • General Payrolls (outsourced)
  • Payroll Compliance

Training and Assessment

Short Courses

Narrow the performance gap by encouraging an environment of interactive education which provides learners the platform to achieve their full potential.

Skills Programmes

Our registered skills programmes are unit standard aligned and formally assessed enabling learners to gain recognition towards full qualifications

Full Qualifications

Our learnerships are aligned to the national qualifications framework maximising clients funding opportunities through section 12 h (a) of the income tax act as well as mandatory and pivotal grant  reimbursement.

Strategic partnership

Strategically Davis&Dean has a strong focus on Socio-Economic transformation in the township where we are active in Local Economic Development, Youth Development as well as woman empowerment.

Industrial relations

If called upon by our customers we ensure that their policies and procedures are aligned with the basic employment act. IR extends toward training practitioners: - Induction / Train Work force on IR policies and procedures
- To manage grievances
- Assist in representation at CCMA

Rapid skills development

Davis&Dean over many years have developed computer-based workplace simulations that take advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our learners are exposed to a virtual world within which they plan, execute and monitor and control case-study based work. The AI shortens the time between cause and effect, posing hundreds of scenarios requiring leadership, management and teamwork decision. The AI thereby compresses 6-months of integrated practical experience into two to three days.

Strategic planning

Davis&Dean has adopted Business Management by Portfolio (BMBP) as a business philosophy to ensure the successful implementation of strategic business plans. The philosophy is project based and ensures that everybody in the organisation works toward the achievement of the business strategic intent. The following steps ensures the execution:
- Analyse Market and Positioning Business Assessment (QMS – see below)
- Develop / refine strategy
- Detailed planning (including prioritisation aligned to strategic goals)
- Execution through BMBP (including business improvement plan)
- Measuring success

Training assessment

Aligned to the Davis&Dean Quality Management system a skills assessment informs the Work Skills Plan (WSP) which the forms an integral part of ensuring the organisations strategic intent is achieved. Achievement on the WSP is monitored monthly ensuring variances are integrated into the execution plan. The Annual Training Report is informed by monitoring and controlling the WSP.

Incentive compensation plans

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