Youth Development

Programme Structure

As a concerned corporate citizen with a passion for skills development, Davis&Dean has decided to make a substantial contribution to youth development in South Africa. Over the years we have noticed an increased need for skills development in under developed areas where a general lack of resources hampers our youth to get a decent start in life. As much as South African citizens look to our government to provide solutions, the enormous backlog in making resources available to all communities can only be addressed if South Africans as a whole stand together and join government as partners to bring relief.


The Davis&Dean Youth Development Programme (YDP) is aimed at South African youth between the age of 18 and 29, who hold a Matric Certificate and who are currently unemployed. The programme runs over a 12 month period and successful students exit with a National Certificate in Business Administration together with additional value-added modules as described in the programme.

Davis&Dean partners with corporate citizens who are serious in making a social contribution to community development, social upliftment and youth development. Davis&Dean and partners fund the programme as a public private initiative. Davis&Dean recruits, contract and deliver critical skills aimed at improving youth employability. South Africa benefits by delivering on youth development as a strategic priority.



Time to Complete

12 months

Course Detail

Research Project

In preparation for developing a Portfolio Of Evidence (POE) for the National Certificate in Business Administration, the student is required to conduct a research study that will inform the development of a business plan.

Project Management

The project management component allows learners who have successfully completed the National Certificate in Business Administration to practice the fundamental project management skills obtained in the National Certificate Business Administration. Students are taken through a computer-based work-place simulation that allows them to run a 6-month project in a virtual environment, administratively applying project management tools and techniques.


This Qualification offers the learner knowledge and skills in the Management of Records, Comprehension of written and verbal texts, Business Writing, Problem Solving, Ethics, Cultural Awareness, Self-Management and Self Development, Project Teamwork and Business Policies and Procedures. The Qualification through its Elective Component enables the learner to specialize in areas of Administration such as Reception, Executive Administration, Financial Literacy, Relationship Management, Legal Knowledge, Communication, Project Administration and Support, and Human Resources.

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